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News and reflections on all that's good about local food
from the co-author of Simply in Season,
a World Community Cookbook in the spirit of More-with-Less

Friday, December 01, 2006

SIS Leader's Guide

Looking for an exciting way to introduce others to everything that's good about local food -- and helping fellow Christians make a connection between their faith and food choices?

Simply in Season can be the center of a small group study, thanks to the new leader's guide by Rachel Miller Moreland. Designed for use by adult or youth Sunday school classes or small groups (and a great choice for intergenerational groups), this terrific new curriculum uses the cookbook as its textbook, offering plans for six core sessions and seven optional ones.

Each core session includes discussion questions, activities, a Bible verse and suggestions for readings from the cookbook, ideas for incorporating snacks and local resources, and a handout.

Download your free copy.

Or order the book version from Herald Press or Mennonite Central Committee.