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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Simply Sustainable

A new project is underway to follow up on Simply in Season. A new book called Simply Sustainable, to be published in 2010, will offer readers realistic alternatives to the choices we make each day. The wisdom and experience of contributors from around the world -- people like you -- can help us all care for God's good creation.

Your ideas are wanted!

Do you know of concrete things people can do to help care for the earth? It could be as sipmle as hanging your laundry in the sun -- no idea is too big or too small to offer to this project.

Categories of submissions include:
  • food
  • cleaning
  • energy conservation
  • fair trade
  • money and barter
  • recycling
  • physical, spiritual and menth health
Reviewers and testers are also needed.

To learn more, go to


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