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Monday, May 22, 2006

SIS retreat in June

Join Simply in Season co-author Mary Beth Lind for a weekend retreat, "Healthy Abundance," in Lancaster County, Pa.

Coming June 23-25 to MCC's Welcoming Place campus, the weekend will be a time to:
-- Reflect on food issues.
-- Visit local farm markets.
-- Learn practical tips for in-season food preparation.
-- Hear from organic farmers and nutritionists.
-- Share questions and discuss solutions.

“Summer days as a child often found me sitting on the back porch with Mom and siblings shelling peas or peeling apples. Doing what we called BORING jobs. We would try to liven up the time by holding contests: who could shell the most peas in a minute; who could cut an apple into exact quarters. We tried anything to break the monotony of the job.

“Now I crave times like those. I love to sit on the porch and do “mindless” tasks. It is as I sit shelling peas or stand picking blueberries that my soul makes the long journey from my head to my heart and I come home to myself.” -- Simply in Season, page 84

"I now call these times REM for the soul," Mary Beth says. "Just as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is refreshing for the physical body, so to, these times of rapid hand movement but little mind activity are refreshing for the soul. As your summer gets busy, take a weekend for some REM for the soul and join a community of people trying to flesh out Simply in Season. Experience times of reflection, communal work, field trips, learning, and sharing of your own experience."

The weekend will start with supper on Friday evening and go through breakfast/brunch on Sunday morning. Here's the schedule.

For more information, telephone (717) 859-1152 (ext. 282). You can also download this flyer/registration form and mail it in by June 10th.


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