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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SIS for kids: stories wanted!

Oops. The Simply in Season recipe of the week list is a bit out of whack with the seasons. Not many places in North America have fresh strawberries yet, but do note that Strawberry Brunch Souffle is terrific served with thawed frozen berries and/or thawed frozen or canned peaches. Mmmm, mmm.

The first time I made Strawberry Brunch Souffle, back in the testing days, was with a family with two young boys, and I remember it was a big hit with all ages.

Helping children to eat healthy foods is a big challenge for parents, especially in a culture that surrounds kids with advertisements for sugary, fatty processed foods and where most playgrounds are inside fast food restaurants.

While the Simply in Season cookbook describes many great reasons -- for health, for the environment, for local and global neighbors -- for adults to choose local foods, a new Simply in Season children’s cookbook is in the works to bring good foods straight to kids.

Their stories and comments are wanted! Can you help us hear from children ages 6 to 12 about their favorite fruits or vegetables? Please ask them what they like and why.

More ideas of questions to ask: What is fun about eating a certain fruit or vegetable? Do you ever make food art with your fruits and veggies? What do you make? Do you have any stories about gardening or visiting a farm or preparing a favorite food?

Please include the child's first name and how old he/she is with each quote. We can't guarantee that every quote will be used in the book, but these comments will be a big help in shaping it. Please send them to Larry Guengerich: lrg at (replace “at” with @).


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